Price. We Keep It Simple.

Alcom Distributing limits suppliers to just a few and showcases Aurora and Patriotwares.

Aurora provides the restaurant equipment.

Patriotwares provides, well, everything else. Because of our loyalty to just a few companies, we get discounts that get passed directly to you.

Alcom Distributing is 1 of 5 distribution warehouses featuring Aurora and Patriotwares products in the entire USA and the only distributor serving these brands to food service equipment dealers in the Midwest, Northwest and Great Lakes.


Are two nets better than one? We think not. Other suppliers complicate your savings with discounts, rebates, bulk rates and other hoops in order to give you the best deal. We eliminate the red tape and give you the best deal possible up front. By cutting out the paperwork, we cut down our cost. You benefit.

Bulk Rates Not Required

Our price structure is flat and simple. We work to provide the best rates up front. While some perks exist for large orders, buying in bulk isn’t a prerequisite to favorable pricing.